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Kyale Marlonen

Known as Kitty. Princess of Vasande Leror


She is the step sister of Leander Tlennen-Hess and the supposed daughter of Mara Jinea. She grew up without many children around and is jealous of those with friends. Her current friends are felines, at least a dozen small house cats and six large felines including Meta, a leopard and Conrad, a lion.[1]


She has silvery eyes and hair, her eyes being just a few shades darker than her hair.[2]


Self-centered and unreasonably jealous most of the time; the best of her personality comes out when she is part of the action.[3] She is very conscious of her position and wishes her step brother was more conscious of his. Her mother kept her away from court so she did not interact with many people and became very selfish.[4] She is often lonely even though Leander is there.[5] Her favorite game is hide and seek because she is good at it,[6] but she hates games where you rely on strategy, speed or memory.[7] She wants to learn magic, just a few spells to help her laziness but she doesn't realize the dangers of working magic.[8]


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