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Vasande Leror

Capital: Crestel

Language: "Crestellian" (Language family: Iascan)

Ruler: Leander Tlennen-Hess

Colors: Sky blue with gold and red.

Small Kingdom to the east of Marloven Hess. It used to be part of Marloven Hess when it was Iasca Leror. Now it is independently run. Since Leander took over they no longer have a court. It has mines on their western border that Marloven Hess used to own and wanted back. Their economy is based on mining and silk trading. Post the Norsunder War, Leander's last act as king was to cede what was only ever a small principality back to Senrid, kind of Marloven Hess, and to depart to follow his lifelong desire: the history of magic. He and his beloved shift between Sartor's archives and those at Bereth Ferian. [1]

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  1. SEN.p62

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