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In most countries, jail means living apart from the comforts of home and being put out to community service. Drunk and disorderly is a very common cause of jail time; one will end up working community service, and missing one's day's labor, because no one pays for time you did not put in at your job. Jails will hire out the workers for tasks, the moneys being used for upkeep, or, in places where local taxes support the jails, the work is donated. In Chwahirsland under Shnit Sonscarna and his forebears, it was basically slave labor, as the slightest infraction either gained death or a life sentence to hard labor.

The history of Punishment (to come--magical markings, emendations, why that was abandoned)

Capital Punishment: used in some places, forbidden in others. Executions being public entertainment historically, and required public attendancein places like Chwahirsland.

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