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Feneth is an aristocrats' playground. One side lies along the lake, and its western reaches are hilly, crowned by manors at enough distance for privacy but close enough for riding back and forth for entertainment in good weather. Silvermist is its capital, a city laid out to be a playground, with no service or support visible. The nation was created by mutual desire among the lake aristocrats, who willingly pour their money into the place, in entertainment, constant redecoration, and all kinds of fun. The ruler is selected by generation, and mainly exists to preside over the big events of Silvermist: but the place is actually run by the guilds, and those invisible servants make good money indeed.

In fact, some make such good money, that there are rumors that servants who have ambition just learn court Sartoran, get the clothes, practice the airs, and lease a manor, trying their best to catch the eye of the wealthy. But if you ask any servants (should you actually see them) they just smile, pat the air, and reassure you that it's all just gossip.

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