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Sartor (continent)

Sartor is the most famous continent, situated in a long land mass in the southern hemisphere, which is appreciably warmer than the north, except in a couple of spots due to current effect. It lies over twelve time zones (dividing the day into 24 hours) from the Land Bridge that touches on Toar to Land's End at Khanerenth. It was the first one settled, though not all that long before a Viking Long Ship made it through one of the World Gates on Earth, then sailed north looking for home--or before a fleet of slave ships carrying peoples from what is now Cameroon and other points along western Africa came through. The slaves killed the crew and sailed along the equator of Sartorias-deles looking for their home, settling when they reached the west coast of Toar. There may have been outright pirates with them, or pirates were involved with the trade, or Caribbean pirates also sailed through the World Gate later and kept along the equator thinking to find islands--nothing is clear, only vague and puzzling traces are left.

List of Countries on Sartor

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Eastern End (north)

Eastern End (south)

Great River Valleys

Lake Kingdoms

Midlands (north)

Midlands (south)

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