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This is a very old kingdom, one of the busier outposts of the ancient Sartoran empire. It's traditionally been at odds with the city states, as the Lamancan leaders have grown up with the conviction that they should have access to the Lake in the north and the sea in the south, just like their ancestors. (Even if their actual ancestors were never anywhere near this area.) Lamanca has kept itself wealthy by the gold and silver mining in its mountains that it took care to secure during the days after Sartor disintegrated. Its borders have changed drastically over the centuries, so that a family history book (in a family that is actually a descendant) can have a highly entertaining series of maps.

One cause of strife with its neighbors are the terrible border roads, that everyone feels everyone else ought to be mending. There has tended to be a lot of highway robbery along the Lamancan bad roads, which, it is rumored, has been passively if not actively encouraged by the local governors, at the very least.

Toran Gold is the capital. There is a great deal of decorative brass used in its architecture, which, when polished up, looks like gold.

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