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Nathur, named for its snakes (old name naedra in Venn) was once one of the main outposts for the enormous Venn empire. It has three excellent natural harbors, which were once filled with ships going to and fro to minister the empire, and thus is was a major node in the magical navigation system the Venn relied on, and keep secret, for centuries. Otherwise it is rocky and dry; the western storms that bring moisture to the land above the Fereledria are usually wrung dry over the mountains, and so it seldom rains here. The area was mainly useful for its harbors.

When the Venn empire fell, Nathur fell to various powers one after another, all to be driven out by watchful neighbors who were determined that no one would sit here at the westernmost point of the Elgar Strait and command the seas. The mountains were once a morvende outpost for observing the seas, and so magic influence has occasionally helped the inhabitants.

It is now a major harbor stopping point before ships launch out into the seas, the port city is the main city, where world trade goes on.

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