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Drael is one of the continents on Sartorias-deles. Its extreme northwest, the Sea of Storms, is where the Venn settled. There are no human settlements in the center of the continent, excepting only the city Roth Drael, which was a mage center. The indigenous life forms permitted mages to stay there--some say first contact was there, and not in Sartor at all--and of course that is where Norsunder attempted to gain access to the world's magical resources. As for most of the rest of Drael, things such as time and space tend to be disconcertingly difficult to measure, as well as the high mountains of the equator, called the Fereledria. At the extreme north end, along the east coast, the weather is actually quite mild due to a strong current of warm water up the eastern side of Drael. Bereth Ferian and its environs lie there, part of no political polity. The mages there were mostly strong enough to keep from being summarily annexed.

There are human settlements along the east and southern coast of Drael, all of these with borders on ancient cove forest, mountains riddled with morvende and maulan geliaths, and other signs of less human habitation. Interaction between all these entities has waxed and waned over the centuries, depending on who was in charge on the human side, and wanted what.

Countries in Drael

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