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Rhengal is a beautiful portion of the Toaran continent. It contains a geliath of morvende, and also maulan in the foresty hills just above the coast, who loved the access to the sea from their forested heights. Music and art were thus fostered there from the earliest days, in fact, it is surmised that the western Toaran musical heritage was first experienced by the Sartorans at this outpost, and brought east, transmuting into the characteristic Sartoran music of today. Whatever the truth is, Rhengal is famed for its music, and fame draws talent, thus a musician trained in the mountain heights of Rhengal is pretty much guaranteed a place anywhere he or she goes.

Poetry and other arts were also fostered, even after Damondaen conquered this area, in its quest for sea access. Damondaen was actually not a bad governor in this area; the farthest east, what became Teredaln was for centuries part of Rhengal, but was split off as a principality to assuage an ambitious younger royal son who couldn't contrive to get his brother to conveniently die. This son set about fostering the arts with the same energy he'd once fostered war.

Rhengal went along doing what it does, farming, following the seasons, making art, and when the Damondaen were driven back, it resumed its own government without much visual change; an intermarriage even kept Teredaln's continuity.

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