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The continent of Skyhaven is sometimes called an island, as very few of the humans elsewhere have been there. It's mostly mountain, and there are humans, but they work hard to keep interaction with the rest of the world to an absolute minimum. It's said there are members of another race of beings entirely who settled there, but if so, the local humans aren't telling. The latest (and brief) contact was out of necessity during the early 4760s (Ride Anything Under the Sun, A Chain of Braided Silver, Quests) but when that need ended, so did the contact.

The language spoken there is called Mir, with roots in both Old Sartoran and Chwahir.

  The inhabitants are governed by extremely complicated clan hierarchies.  The big secret is that there are winged humanoids who settled here, escaping cataclysm on another world.  They mixed with some humans here, thus there are three levels to society on this island/continent: the naturally winged folk who live on the mountain tops that form the largest part of the land mass, the humans who wear wing constructs who deal with both levels, and the humans on the lands below the mountains, some of whom make up the traders who deal with the northeast end of Drael.  

The few outsiders permitted to trade on Skyhaven all meet at Morchem, on the lake. You have to get there going up a long river at Ayaimbray. It's not friendly country--chosen deliberately. The rest of Skyhaven is quite beautiful. Once you get to Morchem, however, the town itself is attractive, built to facilitate humans and Miri, as the Skyhaven flyers call themselves. The Miri do have cousins on the south continent, but as their history is riddled with incidences when Norsundrians, and other warlike people hunted them for sport, their interactions with ground humans are few, and they almost never take anyone into their own living space. Those few humans are just about all named in song and legend.

The humans mostly plant oats, rye, barley, and their main trade items are fabulous bi and tri-colored gems from high in the mountains. There are also precious metals. An exception is the Land of Eight Rivers at the northeast corner of Skyhaven, where most of the humans live on stilt houses. Rice and leddas are the main items of trade there.

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