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Tornacio Islands

Islands off the north east coast of Toar, settled by Mearsieans shortly after 4700 in the first Mearsiean migration.

The islands became a popular stopping place for ships plying north or south, as the islands had plenty of foodstuffs, and the harbors gradually became populated by traders from various points. The islands owe their allegiance to Mearsies Heili but they became a dumping ground for nations like Elchnudaeb to leave their trouble makers at, especially after Elchnucaeb, taking advantage of a period in which the Mearsiean government was in turmoil, illegally seized control of the islands, and began extorting extremely high tolls.

This state of affairs ended in the late 4730s, and after that, the Mearsieans established a governor, and its small navy patrols regularly. These islands are also a well known stop for children on the Long Wander.[1]

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