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Capital: Guidaeb

Small kingdom on the northeast coast of the continent of Toar. It's good farmland, with a pleasant climate due to its proximity to the equator. There is nothing spectacular about this country except for the ambitions of the recent royal family: the Elchnudaebians had annexed and extorted trade money from all ships coming into the Tornacio islands to resupply before heading north or south, even though the Tornacios were settled by Mearsieans, and professed to have a loyalty there if anywhere. Benign neglect from Mearsies Heili had suited the independent peoples of the islands fine, but when trouble in the form of Elchnudaeb came, the Mearsieans did not defend the islands, so for a time they were ruled. All that changed in the late 4730s.

The government of Elchnuedab, used to relying on its trade extortions, overspent and bankrupted, which helped the people overthrow a bad king, Fudalklaeb Auknuge, and his notoriously greedy sister, known not only for carving a "nation" of her own out of the middle of Mearsies Heili but for chopping down an entire forest in order to do so. It took the Wood Guild a while to catch up due to several causes, but they did.

Glotulae Auknuge is still working off her debt to the world two decades later.

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