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Once A Princess

Once a Princess

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publication Date: June 17, 2008
Media Type: E-book
Pages: 246 (in PDF format)
ISBN: 1605041807
Followed By: Twice a Prince
Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Once a Princess is the first book in the Sasharia en Garde! duology, by Samhain Publishing in ebook form on June 17, 2008 and in paperback on April 28, 2009.

Sasha's mother, Sun, was once swept away from a Ren Faire to another world by a prince—literally—but there was no happy ending. Sun's prince disappeared, and a wicked king took the Khanerenth throne. In the years since, Sasha and Sun have been back on Earth and on the run. Mom and daughter don't quite see eye to eye on the situation—Sasha wants to stand and fight. Sun insists her prince will return for them one day; it's safer to stay hidden.

Then Sasha is tricked into crossing the portal to Khanerenth. She's more than ready to join the resistance, kick some bad-guy butt, and fix the broken kingdom. But—is the stylish pirate Zathdar the bad guy? Or artistic, dreamy Prince Jehan?

Back on Earth, Sun is furious Sasha has been kidnapped. Sun might once have been a rotten princess, but nobody messes with Mom! [1]

Synopsis (contains spoilers)

Other Editions

Once a Princess is also available in paperback:

Publication DateApril 28, 2009

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