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Country at the east end of the southern continent, with a history often termed colorful. With mighty Sartor to the south, Colend to the west, and Chwahirsland to the north, and the sea to the east, Khanerenth has tended to breed tough people, and to draw mavericks who like adventure and don't like conforming to the laws and custom of these other lands. Its borders have changed dramatically over the centuries, especially on the west, as Colend wooed and won almost everything in its gentle but inexorable goal to obtain its own access to the sea. Khanerenth has very often drawn its allies from its placement between Colend and its goal. Much as everyone loves Colend, no one has ever wanted to see it as a maritime power.

Khanerenth has thus relied on both land and sea, being a focus for international trade nearly as important as Bren. Like Fal, through most of its history everyone has gone armed and prepared, to greater or lesser degree. Unfortunately, that cultural readiness for conflict has resulted in a history of sudden governmental changes. Khanerenth has probably had more governmental styles than most countries on the continent. It has tried various forms, and even its monarchies have differed quite strongly in organization.

As self defense against the Sarendan military training school at Obrin, Khanerenth has had its own school famous for its land and sea training at Ellir, which was at times the capital. Vadnais has also been the capital, including the present, under the Zhavalieshin and Merindar kings.

Besides its ports dealing with traders from all over, it exports the white rock called ivory, magically diminished remnants of disirad.

Ruler: Canardan Merindar

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