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Alaerec Renselaeus

Prince of Renselaeus.


He has dark eyes and white hair. He has traveled over most of the Sartoran continent, and maintains a wide correspondence. Having inherited family interests in two or three countries (besides those in Sartor, for a time unavailable) he became involved in watching world politics, and had contributed in a quiet way to various good causes in resisting Norsunder. He thus became trained in long-term planning and politics.

He spent some of his early time on the Sartoran Sea fighting pirates, where he gained a serious wound about which he never would talk later, nor would he permit mages to ease what had obviously mishealed. He married later in life, and most at court knew he'd suffered a sharp disappointment in love, but when he met Elestra, he rediscovered the possibility of love. She became his partner in all things.[1]


He married Elestra Renselaeus and they had one son, Vidanric Renselaeus.

Personality Traits

For many years he allowed people to think his family eccentrics while planning to help Remalna. He was injured during the Pirate Wars.


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