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Clevarlineh and Clevarlesa Mellei

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Clevarlineh and Clevarlesa Mellei (known as Lena and Lesa) are sisters from Shelanya on earth (near the Netherlands).


Lena looks enough like Clair Sherwood that the girls figure they might be related through parallel worlds. The twins are not look-alikes; Lena is pale, freckled, green-eyed, with hair so pale it's almost white. Lesa is darker complected, with dark hair.


Lena and Lesa come to Mearsies Heili and help Clair's gang fight against the Auknuges. Lesa goes on to another world, when Lena and Gutli (her best friend) return to become governors of the Tornacio Islands. These islands were ceded to Mearsies Heili in a treaty, but had become hideouts for pirates and outlaws until the Mearsieans cleaned them up.

Lena and Gutli collect orphan and unwanted traveler kids, who have some hideouts in the hills above the single harbor town on the main island. The kids usually end up with ship-related jobs, as the Tornacios is a handy stopping place for trade ships.

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