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Darian Irad

Dark of hair and eyes, slim in build. King of Sarendan until his nephew, Peitar Selenna takes the throne. Brother to Sharannah Irad, and grandson of a tyrannical king (whose abuse caused the death of his heir). Brought up to believe that the only answer to strife both within and without was military might. Darian was beaten into becoming a warrior, which rough upbringing he later came to think was necessary to harden one to the realities of possible war with Norsunder. The tragedy is that he wasn't completely wrong about Norsunder's goals, but he was destroying his kingdom in his determination to bring Sarendan to military readiness.

After a period of exile, he returns to Sarendan at the invitation of his niece, Lilah Selenna.

Personality Traits

Darian is not one for elaborate court rituals. He prefers to dress simply and without the signs of rank that other nobles love to wear.[1]


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