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Sharannah Irad

Dark hair, dark eyes, resembled her brother Darian Irad, both being slender. Also highly intelligent and sensitive.

As a love-starved teen, she tended to fixate on people, despite Lizana's best efforts to shield her from her terrible grandfather and to socialize her. Shy and intense, she had a terrible time at court, and only managed to make one friend, Kepreos Diamagan, who worked in the stable. When she became a teen, she fell in love with him, and he with her. When her grandfather found out, Kepreos was banished from the city, and she was married off to Oscarbidal Selenna, who had admired her from afar. She basically went into a decline, rousing only when she had children, but when her son Peitar Selenna was injured in a disastrous attempt to teach him to ride, she was doomed. The birth of her daughter, at first, seemed to bring her out of the gloom until her brother began talking about betrothals, and seeing no way out of a system she hated, she walked into a snow bank one day, leaving a devastated husband and two needy children.

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