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Diana Sherwood

Diana is part of CJ and Clair's gang of girls who live in Mearsies Heili.


She is solidly build, her hair is dark and thick and mainly worn in two shining braids. Her eyes are brown, pretty and watchful.[1] She has skin the color of milk chocolate[2] that her white teeth shine nicely against. She has a pretty smile.[3]


Diana never talks about her pre-Mearsiean background, but her street smarts and her "trophy collection" of knives and weapons indicate a terrible early life. She was found by Clair on the road and taken to Mearsies Heili.[4]

Personality Traits

Diana loves animals.[5] She also enjoys woodcraft more than any of the gang. Her favorite chore is patrolling.[6] Diana doesn't talk very much at all.[7] Diana can also picks locks, better than most, she says she understands them.[8] When she laughs she almost never makes a sound.[9] She hates clothing (and mending clothing) and rarely wears shoes.[10]


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