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Cherene Jennet Sherwood

Cherene (Sher-enneh) Jennet Sherwood (also known as CJ) is Princess of Mearsies Heili (or in her words Clair Sherwood's right hand splat). She keeps the official records for Clair's rule. She also embellishes them with her own drawings.

She came to Mearsies Heili in 4730


She was born on earth and lived there until shortly after her 12th birthday when Clair, Queen of Mearsies Heili offered to let her stay in Mearsies Heili. CJ never talks about her original identity because she is afraid that some cosmic tentacles could come and take her back. An alternate CJ took her place on earth so her family did not notice the difference.[1]


On earth she had blond hair cut in a short bob but once she decided to stay on Sartorias-deles, she shifted form, as if she'd been born in that world; she became short and slight, her hair became long, straight, blue-black. Her eyes are blue and her birthday is the 30th of fourthmonth.[2] Like the other girls in Clair's gang she is under a white anti-aging spell. When she was on earth she had a spindly singing voice but after her form shift she has a nice singing voice.[3]

Personality Traits

CJ is always coming up with creative ideas; she loves making up new songs for old tunes, and she has a pretty singing voice. She has introduced some words and dishes from Earth to her Mearsies Heili friends. She enjoys insulting villains (and some allies) and is the originator of the pocalube. She also came up with the idea for the Junkyard, her gang's underground hideout. CJ was originally nervous about sharing her exotic ideas because on earth she was often scorned for them but her friends love her ideas and she lost her nervousness. Her favorite colour is green like grass and trees.[4] She records all the adventures that she and her friends have. [5]


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