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The Elsarion Family

The Elsarions' origins are in the northwest corner of Enaeran, which in the early days was Anaeran-Adrani before the split. They successfully governed the hilly regions, which included guarding the passes through the mountains directly north and west of them. The Enaeraneth attribute the later rise in importance to marriage with the western Deis, though another Dei married the Shagal king at the same time, without producing such wild and charismatic scions. Some blame marriage with the Montredaun-Ans, though again it's pointed out that another Marloven royal family, the Montrei-Vayirs, had intermarried with the Shagals. It's probably more due to like attracting like, but over the subsequent generations the Elsarions rose in prominence, usually being at the head of whatever faction was going on. Their offspring were very often sent out to sea or off to learn in someone else's army to get them out of the way until they aged a bit and cooled off; some Elsarions were imprisoned in an older castle belonging to the family, which became notorious as the heirs' prison.

The Elsarions were thus the first choice for leaders when, after a series of neglectful or bad Shagal leaders, Enaeran decided to split off. The Adranis in the eastern end of the valley were reported to be surprised that tradition did not defeat the upstarts--peace was hastily made when it looked like the Elsarions would, in their enthusiasm, overrun the entire kingdom.

The Elsarions were thus established as rulers of Enaeran, but they still bred hot-headed, troublesome, and thus many treaties and buffer states were created to hem them in until the late 4700s, when reunion was summarily achieved.

Members of the Elsarion family

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