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Evred Montrei-Vayir


Evred-Laef Montrei-Vayir (also called "Sponge," for the dark red color of his hair) is the second son of King Tlennen-Siraec and a childhood friend of Inda's.

Personal Runners

  • "Nightingale" Toraca, personal Runner (with staff under him at various households)
  • First Runner, later Captain of the Runners: Vedrid Bana (also supervises household staff)
  • Kenned Tlen, scout Runner (supervises messenger runners not directly under Nightingale's or Vedrid's orders)

Evred Montrei-Vayir's Family Tree

paternal grandfatherpaternal grandmothermaternal grandfathermaternal grandmother
Tlennen Montrei-VayirWisthia Shagal
Aldren Montrei-VayirEvred Montrei-Vayir 

(for descendants, see Marloven Timeline)

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