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Tlennen Montrei-Vayir

Tlennen Montrei-Vayir, who died as Tlennen-Harvaldar (king-at-war), was typical of his family: red-haired, left-handed, detail-minded, and hard-working. Not all Montrei-Vayirs demonstrated all these characteristics, and some exhibited others, but he was known for his good temper, his fairness, and above all his dedication to work. Even his enemies (not many, and most of those inherited) admitted that he was a hard-working king.

He was born in 3851; at his birth, negotiations were opened for him to marry a possible Adrani princess, for the Montrei-Vayirs were trying to being a tradition for marrying outside of the Jarls every third generation. A treaty was dully arranged for marriages in both directions, later broken by the Adrani crown prince, which resulted in Tlennen's sister Tdiran marrying the heir to the Yvana-Vayirs. In 3877 Tlennen's father Hastred (who had probably had a hand in his own father's death in a border skirmish shortly after the taking of lower Olaran) died in a skirmish that Anderle, Tlennen's younger brother and shield arm, investigated thoroughly, so certain he was of treachery.

The charge of treason was never proved, but the possibility of assassination shadowed Anderle's entire life. It was his job to protect his brother as well as the kingdom, about which he became increasingly obsessive.

Tlennen's lifelong mate was Jened Sindan, who had earned promotion as a King's Rider Captain, but who chose to make a transfer over to the Runners. As the king's First Runner, and later Captain of the Runners, Sindan played an important role in kingdom affairs, especially foreign, while Tlennen wrested with mounting debt and increasing difficulty with the tangle of laws his ancestors had created when adapting old clan treaties to the holding of land. It was under Sindan's leadership that Runners gained importance: hitherto they were trusted messengers, and sometimes defenders, but did not make decisions on site. Sindan's Runners were trained not just to observe and report but to act, and as they were chosen for their probity as well as brains, Runners had become, by the end of Tlennen's reign, intelligence operatives.

Tlennen married Wisthia Shagal in 3880, as set out in treaty. His son Aldren was born in 3887, and his son Evred in 3892.

In 3907 Tlennen-Siraec donned the battle tunic and did the sword dance, declaring himself Tlennen-Harvaldar. He did not want war, did not feel the kingdom was ready in any way except for the bloodthirsty impatience of most of his Jarls and their supporters (many of whom were hungry for glory, and for land). His brother Anderle-Harskialdna rode as commander, but most of the plans, though given as orders by the king, were plans made by Captain Sindan. Idayago fell by summer's end, creating a nightmare of logistical necessity that taxed the kingdom to the maximum, the more when pirates were loosed onto the coast of Iasca Leror, and then the Venn. Captain Sindan wrote the Idayagan treaty, laying down a precedent, at the king's desire, for Idayagan and Olaran to be the same before Marlovan law as Iascan or Marlovan. The problem was, of course, the Idayagans did not want to be under Marlovan law; the Olarans of the peninsula were indifferent.

Tlennen, his brother, and his son were murdered by the Jarl of Yvana-Vayir and his men in winter of 3912, leaving his second son to take the throne. Wisthia Shagal returned to her homeland after her son was crowned.

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