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Faline Sherwood

Faline is part of CJ and Clair's gang of girls who live in Mearsies Heili. Her name is pronounced Fah-LINN-eh. [1] Sherry Sherwood is her best friend.


She is short, and stocky, with bristly red hair that springs into tight curls unless forced into braids so stiff they stick out like sticks. Her face and arms and legs are covered with freckles, her eyes blue-green and always crinkled with merriment.[2] Her face is round and cheery. [3]


Faline is a Yxubarec but she dislikes her talent and prefers not to use it because of how most Yxubarecs use their abilities. When she was young she ran away from her Yxubarec family as did her brother.[4]

Personality Traits

Faline feels very strongly that all problems can be if not solved, at least rendered less problematical, with a good dose of humor. She makes up jokes constantly, but no one is more surprised than she is if once in a while they make someone laugh besides her (and maybe Sherry). She has an infectious laugh. [5] Faline also feels that work should always be turned into fun, then time goes by faster and you spend more time working and therefore must do a better job. [6]


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