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Hatahra Delieth

aka Tahra

Born Princess Hatahra Delieth, daughter of Berthold Delieth and Mersedes Carinna. Sallow, long thin face, droopy eyes that show the genetic relationship to the Landises, Tahra is rather a geek. She was able to see through the experimental enchantment placed on her family, and so was turned out, and replaced by Cassandra Muria, a dawn-singer girl whose physical type was Mersedes Carinna's ideal. The experiment was one of the few carried out to test the strength of the dark-magic warped dyra.

Tahra doesn't like to be touched, she hates war, but above all she hates Norsunder and Detlev in particular with a growing obsession.

Categories: A Sword Named Truth || Firejive || Everon || Delieth Family

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