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Dyra are objects made of disirad by the Old Sartoran healers to aid in re-establishing harmony for humans' dena Yeresbeth. Dyra could take any form the user wished, but it was all made of the same material, a silvery-white almost-metal. Some dyra were round, coin shapes, as they caught the light nicely, and thus gave people a focal point to regain harmony with the disirad's resonance on the mental and spiritual plane. Some were necklaces, some were rings.

Two dyra were captured by Norsunder, and kept after all the disirad was destroyed in the Fall. Only after a great deal of trouble was the magic bent to ensorcell, but they were never strong, or trustworthy to evil ends. They were recaptured at terrible cost, and hidden in the world, to be rediscovered in the 4730s, when some of the kingdom spells were wearing off.

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