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Irtur Vithyavadnais

Mage apprentice and prince of Bereth Ferian. Nicknamed Arthur by Deirdre White. [1]


  • Erai-Yanya, mother, the hermit mage of Roth Drael. From the beginning he showed aptitude and interest in learning magic, but he was unhappy with the hermetic life she'd grown up with herself, and so he ended up in Bereth Ferian, being tutored by Evend, the King in Bereth Ferian, bypassing the mage school. At first this caused some political difficulties, but Tsauderei, then head of the mages of the south, supported the decision, and Arthur soon earned his place. He was far ahead of his age mates, and even some of the older mages. He has a scholarly bent, and a gift for understanding magic in global terms. He is also a normal kid, and resented being sheltered, until he's kidnapped by Norsunder . . .
  • Evend, foster father and guardian, King in Bereth Ferian
  • Deirdre Weiss and Frederic Holmes, earth friends who helped rescue him from Kessler Sonscarna in 4735


  1. HAW. ch.6

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