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Roth Drael

One of the Four Cities of Old Sartor, built entirely of disirad as they all were, and ruined by Norsunder when they couldn't use the magic resources. Located in the North Forest.

For ages the city lay in ruins, until a mage doing the required hermit portion of studies adopted it as her resting place. She ended up spending the remainder of her life there, establishing communication with morvende, maulan, other life forms. Eventually a mage family, the Vithyavadnais regarded the ruin as their homes. They fixed up one of the least destroyed buildings and established a library there. Mages who wished to study would trek the continent on foot and find their way there. One of the family remained in charge for several generations.

When the Norsunder War occurred, the current mage in residence was Erai-Yanya Vithyavadnais. She, in concert with her son, Yrtur (titular king at Bereth Ferian) rebuilt the city according to the directions of an Old Sartoran who remembered it well, using white marble in place of disirad.

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