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Nimiar Argaliar

Lady of the Remalnan court. She is referred to by her friends as "Nee".


Nimiar is 5'6' with an enviable figure. [1] She has brown curly hair and wideset brown eyes, with a dimpled smile. [2]


Personality Traits

Nimiar is a quiet, restful person who likes comfort and pleasant conversation. She dislikes politics and gossip.[3] Nimiar is friendly and kind, the type of person who, on present-day earth, would have a career dealing with children, such as nursing or teaching or working with disabled kids.[4] She loves music, though at court she does not have much time to practice, and she is thus overjoyed to find a harp at Tlanth.[5] Nimiar quickly becomes a friend to Meliara Astiar, helping her to navigate her way through court life.

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