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Tamara Chamadis

The Countess of Chamadis and Turlee and a lady of the Remalnan Court. Her deceased mother was the former Countess of Turlee and her deceased father assuumed to be the Count of Chamadis. She grew up in Remalna along with Russav Savona, Trishe, Renna, Deric, and Geral, and is widely known as the most beautiful butterfly at Court.


Appearances are often deceiving and Tamara is no exception to that fact. She is exquisitely beautiful, with long, curly black hair down to her waist, flawless skin, pure blue eyes, and long dark eyelashes. She always carries a fan, even at informal gatherings when other courtiers don't, and is always ready to use that fan to insult an unwitting victim. Even so, Tamara is famous for her incredible beauty, and poets even write sonnets about her eyelashes.

The neutral observer who might come to court after having been to more famous places would notice that she's not as gorgeous as she thinks she is (and as the Remalna court regards her) but she's always aware of herself, not only dresses but moves with conscious style. Though the fashion for hair coloring changes every other generation, and right now is for natural color, she goes from black to golden hair on whims, often just to go with a costume, and then back again.


Tamara might be as beautiful as a rose but she is just as dangerously prickly. The female embodidment of the courtiers Meliara Astiar grew up imagining from her mother's stories, Tamara is intelligent and quick-witted, and determined to use that to her advantageL she feels she needs to marry wealth as her mother, who was famed for her profligacy and selfish squandering of the family's wealth, left the family coffers fairly empty. Tamara is an expert at hiding her true feelings and showing only what she wishes to be seen, using her immense influence to cover up her lies, and quickly bringing down anyone who threatens her highly polished reputation. She stops at nothing to get what she wants and to make sure that she is always on top.

But Tamara is not heartless and does not delight in cruelty; nor does she seek power for the sake of power. Growing up with a mother who saw her as her greatest competitor and sought to undermine her daughter in any way that she could, Tamara is actually very insecure and unsure of herself. Knowing she was popular and admired and envied by everyone at Court boosted her confidence and self-esteem, and the reason she guards her reputation and status so jealously is because she's still very insecure. This may also be a reason why she sought a dalliance with Vidanric Renselaeus instead of her long-time love interest Russav Savona.

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