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Commander of the Knights of Dei who protect Everon

One of the branch of Deis descended from Iskandar of Sartor, who intermarried with the Delieths of Everon. After Harold Dei disappeared and went to Geth, Roderic became the head of the Dei family, as Merewen Dei turned to the Loi, and young Julian repudiated her name altogether, calling herself Landis.

Roderic was a close friend of the Delieth rulers; though he had a happy marriage with Seiran Valenn, his true love was Mercedes Carinna, the queen. He and Seiran have five daughters, Carinna, the eldest, who becomes a knight, Mersedes "Merry," a weaver, Theanra (who will inherit a duchy if she changes her name to Valenn when she comes of age) Keiran, Haprei.

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