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Capital: Ferdrian

Country put under experimental enchantment by Detlev, removing them from time. Guarded by the famous Knights of Dei.

Everon, Wnelder Vee, and Imar, three separate polities at the time of the enchantment, have historically been one or two polities, combining and splitting over the years. Ferdrian is the oldest of all their cities, set far inland, near the geliath-riddled mountains and ancient cove forest that marks the western border.

As far as human matters go, historically Everon and its neighbors (separate or as one polity) were third in importance after Sartor and Colend--and at times were more important than Colend with respect to events international (and magical) when Colend's fortunes fell. The Delieth family has been prominent in Everon since the defeat of the Venn, who once had a foothold in the area as they tried to extend their empire over the entire continent of Drael. The Delieths have intermarried with the Deis of Sartor; the famed Knights of Dei are considered the kingdom's guardians.

The Knights--a word brought from Earth, and the pun in the title deliberate, though few recognize it--are in modern times more like rangers, being taught not just the skills of combat but trail-and woodcraft, some minor magics, and how to communicate with some of the forest dwellers who usually have little to do with kingdom affairs. Historically they were champions, and at all times they serve as captains when it is necessary to raise a militia from the duchies, who in turn drew warriors from their baronies, as Everon has very seldom had a standing army. The Knights (who can be women as well as men, though that, too, went through changes) thus are chosen from various parts of the kingdom. They are headed by a member of the Dei family; the origin of the Knights lies behind stories of valor and honor and so forth in the fact that the Delieths thought it up in their determination to keep the Deis off the throne. The Knight Commander swears as part of his oath to support, but never to sit on, the throne.

The kingsom is largely agrarian, with some mining in the mountains, overseen by the morvende. Everon traditionally maintained a sizable merchant marine to protect its traders; they traded widely with the southern continent. Organized into baronies, subsidiary to duchies, with some older titles from earlier times as holdovers [translated as various English or European titles for instant recognition].

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