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Senrid Montredaun-An

King of Marloven Hess.


On the short side for fifteen, when he did the Child Spell, slim, well built, in excellent physical condition due to a great deal of determined training. Curly blond hair kept short in the typical military cut, gray-blue eyes, Scarred back from caning, and rope burn scars around his wrists. "Ship Without Sails". He has a distinctive grin (sometimes unpleasant), and a quick, restless manner. Appears fifteen through The Young Allies years.

(Known) Friends/Family

More learned about maternal relatives in various stories, including the Young Allies and about paternal relatives in the war stories.

Personality Traits

Senrid is driven. In his young years, by the need to survive the regent, his uncle. After the events of "Senrid" his goal is Marloven Hess's survival. He is self-possessed and his face rarely gives away his thoughts. [1] He has a quick sense of humor, [2] and is very fastidious.[3] Senrid has studied dark magic and was raised to believe that it is stronger and, therefore, better than light magic. He soon learns otherwise.

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