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Seshemerria Sherwood

Seshemerria (Seshe for short) is part of CJ and Clair's gang of girls who live in Mearsies Heili.


She is the tallest and oldest of the girls. She has blond streaked brown hair that is down to the back of her legs.[1] She has gray-blue eyes. [2]


Seshe is from a high-ranking background; she ran away from a bad situation at home that she knew she couldn't fix. She was one of Clair's on the road finds. [3]


Everything Seshe does is carefully considered and planned out. She's quiet, with a strong sense of harmony and fair play, but she loves the endless imagination games and the camaraderie of the gang of girls. It's actually very difficult to make an enemy of her, and the forest animals know her for a friend. So do a couple of local ghosts.


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