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The Sofar Family

The Sofars' origin is as a minor family in the Land of the Venn. In the mid 3900s, when the Land of the Venn was going through its century of internal turmoil, Tadara Sofar married Halvir Durasnir, selected heir to the throne. This marriage broke tradition in numerous ways, but the old Venn system was fractured beyond repair.

Halvir and Tadara restored stability to the Land of the Venn, even after, later in their lives, the remnants of the warrior-mage Abyarn Erkric led a faction of power-hungry Venn Oneli families over the sea to the west to retake their former colonies on Goerael. This time the mages from the western side of Goerael had been brought in by treaty, and were ready. The resulting sound defeat forced the Venn to agree to a treaty that forbade the use of magic, outside of the maintenance spells--and the royal family could not practice it.

Halvir and Tadara survived this defeat, which was the direct result of the previous generation's problems, and their descendants inherited the throne, establishing a dynasty that went through several alliances and emendations. It went from being Durasnir Sofar (the last added as tribute to Tadara's famous mother, who became a Venn legend) to Loryard-Arleth and the last name changed, with the language, to Sofhar (the h pronounced).

Members of the Sofar family

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