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Goerael is the continent that lies north of Toar. It's mostly settled at its southern end, which gets stronger sun. People dissatisfied with governments, personalities, or personal fortunes migrated to Goerael in order to get a new start. The history of the north is quite different. Renegade mages tended to migrate there, far out of reach of the Mage Council of Sartor, and for the most part were welcomed as long as they didn't interfere too much with life--and helped to fend off the Venn, who had unfortunately sailed "home" and thus settled in one of the most unfriendly-to-humans environments in the world. Thus they were constantly seeking better lands once they were strong enough to do so. Goerael's north has some of the world's oddities--results of mage experiments--that keep them pretty much confined to their own areas. The talking animals of Helandrias being just one of many bad ideas that seemed a good idea at the time.

Countries in Goerael

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