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Merga Troiad, nicknamed Troiad by the Warren kids, King of Wnelder Vee.

First appears in Everon's and Dtheldevor's stories, when he is a very reluctant prince, after a childhood of enforced marching and military discipline without any training in statecraft or strategy. This was partly punishment by a small-minded martinet of a father who could not understand Troiad's love of music, his desire to become a bard, for which he is suited. Partly his father wants to control his son in the face of rising unrest, until Norsunder comes along with offers of control for trade of a small spell. Experimental.

Troiad's father loses his life when he tries to double-cross the enemy, and for a short time his grandmother is placed on the throne as regent, as Troiad is a kid, and as reluctant as he is untrained. His grandmother is no great ruler, but she is smart enough to recognize that Troiad is ripe to be used by nobles who would love to be power-behind-the-throne.

After her death, Troiad is aided by Mearsieanne of MH as a kind of regent until she goes back to Mearsies Heili in the mid forties. He remains more interested in music than in ruling.

(Things change after the war years.)

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