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Wnelder Vee

King: MorgehTroiad

This kingdom has only been a kingdom for a couple of centuries, split off after internal trouble among the Delieths of Everon, specifically trouble with the Dei family, who felt that the Delieths were not good governors.

The capital is a market town called Fortinyal Roth. Half farmland, half ancient cove forest filled with maulan and connected to ancient morvende geliaths, the area has had isolated pockets of settlers from all over the world.

Its claim to fame in the last century or two was Dthel Rendm, the island base of the privateer Dtheldevor whose championship of her kingdom was at times single-handed while Norsunder experimented with evil enchantments over the various rulers. that island now serves as home base for children on the Long Wander.

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