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Related Vocabulary

The following Sartoran vocabulary is related to Sartoran time and cosmology:

  • Ael=shines (yel means old)
  • Anaer=wings (many variations on this one, came to mean sails, as on ships)
  • Ardrial=truth (fact)
  • Bath=middle, midway, mid
  • Brand=horse
  • Darian=friend (various pronunciations over years, and across continent)
  • Diav="new" in Old Sartoan, came to take on many meanings later.
  • Elen=love (the verb infinitive 'to love' being elendal)
  • Fer=new
  • Hael, Heil, hyal=variations on "land"
  • han="less", "without" "barren of" --again, took on many meanings depending on position in sentence.
  • Lee="tree" in earliest time, but also came to mean ship, and Sartoran developed more specific words for trees; the word leaked into other languages, though, as tree and sometimes as ship but again, variations exist.
  • Malend=grace
  • Mord=hand, also "mond"--"mord" separated off into northern useage eventually, came back as "leader" so "mondias" was "my lord" for a long time. Also, limited, "Mordias"
  • Pur = circle
  • Purad = blessed circle (labyrinth)
  • Napurdiav = the act of walking the labyrinth; to walk the circle of renewal. (Na comes from nadar, to walk. The suffix "diav" here came to mean specifically walking the labyrinth
  • Rad=blessed
  • Roth (rath)=good
  • Sherm=warmth
  • Sir=a respectful prefix meaning "person"
  • Sar=earliest, "leader", ruler, later became prefix
    • Sar (ind, end) = ruler **al sar = king, ar sar = queen [masc ending ol, nal, fem. Er, ar]
    • "Sarias" is thus the present day equivalent of "our ruler" or, "your majesty"--used in address.
  • Tor=people
  • Yas, ias=once first person possessive, but became exclusively for titles--the ruler would be called "Sarias" by the people, and the ruler would say "Torias" or "my people"

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