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Sartoran Days

The Sartoran days are named as follows:

  • Monday=Andei (or Andi)
  • Tuesday=Nadei (Nadi)
  • Wednesday=Ixdei (Ixdi)
  • Thursday=Athlan ("midweek") was Bathlan
  • Friday=Mordei (Mordi)
  • Saturday=Atandei (Atandi) (sun-day)
  • Sunday=Sariendei (Sarndi, or Sarindi--"queensday"), also "Restday"

Bath Rennet = Midsummer Day, poised halfway through the Calendar (and New Year's Day in the north--those who match the Sartoran Calendar, which not all do.) In many places, simply known as Bahren, especially as a descriptor.

The new day begins with sunrise. Time is divided into 24 units, or equivalent measures: four groups of double-threes, three groups of double-fours, etc, depending upon where you are. Time is marked by colored candles, by bells, and in a few rare places by clocks. Timekeepers usually have some magical method to keep time according to the central timekeeper in Sartor. When Sartor was under enchantment, the time was kept in Bereth Ferian, but it was still called Sartoran Time.

Small measures of time are pretty universally measured out with sand glasses, always for specific purposes or events. Thus the old cliches of earth--"time has run out, or time is up"--are relevant here as well.

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