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Three types: defense (walled)

market town (planned and unplanned) One of the most interesting types of historical clue searching is to sift the layers of ancient market towns. Most of them started as cross-roads trade sites, building haphazardly around. Some developed around ancient districts belonging to the old guilds, and still retain the old names, or a semblance of them, though the actual denizens might not have much to do with the old divisions. so, for example, the honey merchants can live on Silversmith Hill--the name being in an old language no longer in use.

Pleasure (created for a purpose besides trade, war)

Cities do not stink, and require no sewage, but they do require water. Most built near rivers, lakes, or underground lakes and aquifers.


Free Cities

Specialization and division of labor, how varies from culture to culture

Cities, guilds and governments

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