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Physical Cleanliness

The waste spell eliminates the waste created by people, and cleaning frames remove the dirt that they have on their bodies, including teeth. So baths are not needed, and when they are used they are for an entire group of people -- such as a village -- and the water is diverted from streams so it does not need to be moved as well as heated. [1]

Baths, with spells to remove dirt from the outflow, have been common from early times. Cleaning frames are a relatively new invention, and at first were only owned by the rich. But as the magic on them became easier to perform, (and more mages learned how to perform it) cleaning spells became more common.


Wanders are people who wand animal waste (wands have spells on them to break down and transfer animal waste underground. (For the curious, the spell removes the waste as far as the noses and eyes of humans are able to detect, but leaves enough residue for dogs, cats, etc to detect territorial markings.))

This Guild is universal, and is most often joined by young people who don't have any skills for other work, or who just don't want to do other work, whether for life or for a short time. A Wander never goes hungry, has a place to sleep, and can wander about all day. Young people who cannot figure out a job, or wanderers, or those without any particular calling will often become wanders, as there is no real skill involved. In some cultures Wanders are drawn from those who’ve committed minor crimes, and are ordered to perform public service in this manner. [2]

People like to be clean, and like their cities clean. There are water spells on all rivers and streams that flow out from cities. Still, if someone is seen dumping detritus of any type into water, a stiff fine or a thumping period of public restitution is handed out. The humble Wand Guild, thus, is never despised. It tends to draw those who really would rather not work for a living (it takes no training whatsoever to walk along the streets and clean up after animals, and some Wanders will move at a rather lackadaisical pace). Everyone acknowledges that Wanders perform necessary public service, but there do tend to be jokes about their calling, and about the generality of Wanders being somewhat lazy. "Works as hard as a wander" can be a dig not only implying laziness, but can be a comment on the performance of the person's duties.

In some cities throughout the southern continents, orphans (and there are always plenty after some violent conflict) will be put to work as Wanders until they choose to prentice out to some other calling.


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