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Some Generalizations about Education.

Literacy has risen and fallen over the ages, depending on where and when. There have been times in history when education was denied any but an elite; this especially goes for magic learning. Mostly, though, those who want education can find their way to it. (Even determined women during the Sonscarna years in Chwahirsland.) "Schools" in the contemporary Earth sense are extremely rare. Schooling tends to be within the context of the skill one is being trained for, thus the Marlovan Academy (often called the Cavalry Academy) trains officers in military matters.

Guilds are the most common means of education. Second are private tutors, usually hired from the Scribes. Obviously some guilds depend heavily on literacy, such as Heralds (who are the record keepers and librarians in most places) and Scribes (who generally are writers, copyists, translators, teachers, and note takers, but sometimes record keepers as well).

Many guilds require literacy as well as skill training, especially since the discovery of, and gradual increase in availability of, the Universal Language Spell. The cultural effect was a significant rise in reading--and the business of making and copying books. Kingdom history has always been, informally or formally, part of education, but international history has become popular since the spread of the spell and the subsequent increase in travel.

The Universal Language Spell is by no means general. It's expensive, it's disorienting for many, and it often doesn't "take". A proclivity for dena Yeresbeth has proven to be a prerequisite for a successful "take", but a strong unity precludes the need for the spell.

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