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Universal Language Spell

Spell that allows you to speak in your own language and be understood in whatever language the person you are speaking to speaks. It also allows you to hear other languages in your own language.[1] You hear the meaning of the words--it doesn't change how a person speaks--so you hear accents. It does not affect offworld words. [2]

The Universal Language Spell is by no means general. It's expensive, it's disorienting for many, and it often doesn't "take". A proclivity for dena Yeresbeth has proven to be a prerequisite for a successful "take," but a strong unity precludes the need for the spell. Many need the spell repeated.

Another problem is that some words do not translate over. This can be frustrating, as the word that refuses to be translated is almost always the crucial word in a sentence--and the most singular in meaning. So it's not optimal for serious discourse, which tends to take place in Sartoran in most places, as anyone with any interest in scholarship or history learns Sartoran as a second language.

One good byproduct is an increase in trade, travel, and literature. Also more international awareness and, thus, interest. Parents are more likely to let their kids do the Wander, knowing that they will be able to communicate.


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