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Birth Spell

The Birth Spell is part of the magical agreement made between women and indigenous beings in the early days of human life on Sartorias-deles. It was an agreement made as a result of women demanding magic to prevent pregnancy unless it was wanted--and would complete without the death of mother and child. But women agreed that that gave rights to progeny solely into the hands of women, and therefore would worsen male and female relations, whose problems had come to the new world like the rats that also followed humans. The Birth Spell gave men as well as women the possibility of bypassing parturition, though humans had no idea how or why it worked.

The Birth Spell, enables men, or anyone, actually, to give birth to a child by using a specific form of the Spell. Again, this is only achieved with the aid of the indigenous beings, and their contribution is still debated in contemporary times, for with their added magic anyone could have a child if they 'heard' the Spell. A healer or mage could only give them the beginning; the rest would come or not, and no one has ever successfully determined why the spell either completes or doesn't.

(For the curious, the DNA derives from a single parent's past, or from a blending of both partners if two people handfast and complete the spell; or, looked at another way, the spell draws the child from the possible parallel worlds. If there was no child in any of those possible paths, nothing happens. If there was, the spell comes. The debate goes on about desire vs. how many worlds the child exists in, in some variation: the theory is that if the child exists in most branches, the parent in this path hears the spell if receptive. If the parent desires a child, there is further reach even if the child exists along fewer paths. Humans are not able to see these possible worlds, though ancient magic can poach people from them.) [1]

On S-d, it's eight months for a pregnancy, because the months are 36 days long.

One the babe is there, people adjust pretty much the way people now adjust to adoption, or the idea of incubators--or in SF to replicators. [2]


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