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Attach:Starliss.jpg | Flame starliss

Starliss is a flower found on Sartorias-deles which is similar to, but slightly smaller than, an Earth lily [1]. It has crown-shaped petals radiating outward and can be found in many different colors, although some colors or varieties are hardier than others. In the south, it has cross-bred with mimosa, and is common in lowland areas in a range of colors. In Colend, of course, the lily petaled flowers are considered pure starliss, and the silver varieties are prized.

White starliss is the most common, followed by blue-and-white. Lily petaled starliss in bright colors need special attention and are found mostly in gardens in Colend and the eastern end of the Sartoran continent, carefully cultivated. The spiky or puffball starliss grows wild.

Silver starliss [2] is also known as queensblossom in Sartor; in Remalna during Meliara Astiar's time, silver starliss is meant to signify ambition.

On Earth, starliss in Queensblossom form resembles the Asiatic lily, shown below at the link, except for the color.


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