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Guest Account (editedby)

This is the guest editing account. If you would like to use this account, please see the proper section under editing guidelines (linked to above). Remember, since the guest system is general and prevents contributors from signing their name, please sign your contribution. To do this, choose a username that you will use every time you edit the s-d wiki. Then, when editing, type that username in the "Summary:" box below the main editing box. You should write your username first, before writing the reason for your edit.

Also, since it's interesting to see who's editing the wiki, if you'd like, you can sign your user name under the "Guest editors" section if you've contributed.

Guest editors

  • Mousselinerocks - yes it is me. The highly giddy girl who is in love with Danric, Russav, and Flauvic.


If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments for any of our guest editors, leave them below! Note that some guest editors may only come by sporadically (or even only once), and thus may not see any messages left for them on this page. Also, remember to specify which guest editor you are referring to (either by username, if they've identified themselves, or by describing any edits they've made), as more than one person uses this account.

Mousselinerocks - You've done amazing work so far! Editing this thing is addicting, isn't it? bookaddict January 19, 2008, at 05:38 PM

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