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About Me

Hey there! I'm bookaddict (duh), or bookaddict88 on LJ. I love to read, and fantasy novels are my favorite. I discovered Ms. Smith's books several years ago, and became addicted quite quickly. One day while surfing the internet, I stumbled upon the CastleTlanth Yahoo group, but it was starting to be overrun by spam. I believe it was through that group that I found Athanarel, though I may have come across the LJ community some other way. It was so exciting to find a community of people excited about Sherwood Smith's work (and even more amazing was the fact that Sherwood Smith herself was there!). At any rate, when I heard about this wiki through Athanarel, the compulsive organizer in me just had to sign up to become an editor!

My contributions to this wiki will be mostly organizational. Writing doesn't come easily to me, so I won't be writing many of the articles myself. But adding WikiTrails and Categories, rearranging and formatting articles, correcting spelling/grammar mistakes, making sure the wiki has a unified feel, and other such tasks are all things I love to do.

First Sherwood Smith book read: Crown Duel (The Firebird edition). I was using the library catalog to find books to read, when I stumbled upon Crown Duel and Court Duel as separate books. They sounded interesting, so I meant to read them, but never found the chance. Then one day, I was wandering through a bookstore and found the Firebird edition. I rarely buy books that I haven't read before (I don't have a whole lot of money). But two books for the price of one? Sounded good to me, especially since I'd been meaning to read the story anyway. So I bought it, and I'm sure glad that I did!

All Published S-D Stories Read (the ones in bold I own):

Sherwood Smith Stories Read on Athanarel or her Website:

To-Do List

I have so many plans for the S-d wiki, but I can't do them all at once! So these are the things I'm planning on doing next. Feel free to help me out!


Would you like to tell me anything? Do you have any suggestions, questions, or comments for me? Leave them below! I will read your message and delete it, then reply in your profile.

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