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NOTE: If you need to contact me in an emergency about the site administration, please drop me an email at newsboyhat[AT]gmail.com. Thanks, and happy wiki-ing!

Known as: newsboyhat on the athanarel livejournal community.

Known for: setting up the Sartorias-deles wiki in an attempt to organize all the wonderful information in Sherwood's world.

Idea of a perfect date: A camping trip with Leander Tlennen-Hess (if only in an effort to get away from his half-sister, Kitty).

Occupation in Sartorias-deles: a member of the Fellowship of the Tower.

Not boring anymore real-life occupation: anthropology major going into book publishing


If you need to leave me a message (either a question or suggestion), please do so below this text. I will address the issue and then delete the message, and reply in your profile. faye

Not a suggestion but praise. I saw what you did to Meliara's page and was so impressed. Good job! lauroragirl

Hey, it's mousselinerocks from Athanarel. I asked if I could be regular contributor to this site, and got the name phoenixfire, but somehow I can't change my password, or even edit anyone else's profile when I'm logged under that name. Can you help me out, please? Thanks.

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