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A branch of the Xubarecs, a race of beings with the ability to copy the face and form of any human. Long ago, when they still lived on the ground, in the area of Bermund and Tser Mearsies, a small group of them turned their abilities toward evil, and in response some unknown mage in the Mearsiean colony that became Mearsies Heili imprisoned them on a flying cloud. "The 'Y' sound ("yeh" or "yee") at the front of their name was a sign of their separation from the major ground. Unfortunately, the Yxubarecs learned how to move their cloud prison around, and they continue to entertain themselves by assuming the identities of people, pushing the originals off the cloud, and taking their place in the world below, until they made the mistake of going northward (after the southern mages banned them) and their cloud was driven away as word of them was passed.

Because they were non-human to begin with, they could take the form of either gender of humans. Birth magic permitted them to interbreed among humans, but as those progeny took on human characteristics, the magical abilities were lost.

Eventually they sailed as far north as they could. Meanwhile, they fought among themselves. No one knows what happened to those who ruled before, but by the time they grounded their cloud in Vandary, the northernmost outpost of the Colored Lands, they had ceased their old habits. Even so, they are still unwelcome to this day.[1]

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Examples of Yxubarecs

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